• Auditing for Public Issuers Auditing for Public Issuers

    Ingenium provides compliance solutions that can be used to avoid financial pitfalls and identify and monitor key business metrics.

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  • Auditing for Private Companies Auditing for Private Companies

    Ingenium’s auditing and attestation reports can help your company establish and maintain bank and financing relationships and plan succession strategies.

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  • Consulting for Public Issuers Consulting for Public Issuers

    Ingenium helps public issuers navigate complex SEC reporting requirements.

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  • Consulting for Private Companies Consulting for Private Companies
    Ingenium helps small and mid-size companies prepare and analyze financial reporting as well as develop and implement strategic plans.
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  • Consulting for Auditors Consulting for Auditors

    Ingenium’s attestation solutions help auditors cultivate long-lasting, mutually-beneficial partnerships with their clients.

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simplifying complexity

Avoid costly restatements

Ingenium's industry experience ensures filings are prepared correctly the first time.

Stay on point

Leveraging Ingenium's financial reporting expertise prevents compliance requirements from interfering with management’s core business responsibilities.

Remix compliance documents

Ingenium helps clients turn required compliance documents into marketing materials for investors, clients, and investors.

About Ingenium

Guided by honesty, professionalism, and open communication, Ingenium cultivates one-on-one relationships with its clients and provides them the highest quality auditing, attestation, and business consulting services.

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from "Closing the GAAP"

Stock Based Payments to Non-Employees – Performance Commitment Consideration
History indicates that smaller reporting companies, development and exploration stage entities, and any other small business with little capital rely heavily on meeting their obligations, of all varieties, via the issuance of common stock . Reviews of 100’s of public ...