Having to go through an audit doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. Whether you have certain requirements to go through an audit such as SEC regulations or a bank covenant, having an audit can be beneficial to management and shareholders of a company. Obtaining third party assurance on your financial position and results of operations can strengthen your credibility within the business community.

As an audit can be expensive and time consuming why not utilize the information derived from the audit and turn that information into something useful? In an effort to avoid future surprises, many successful companies will analyze past performance of both financial and nonfinancial information in an effort to appropriately plan for the future.

By having up front communications with us you may be able to find a more cost effective solution to your assurance needs. Many companies presume full blown financial statement audits are required, but in certain circumstances having agreed upon procedures identified might be all your company needs. We can tailor these agreed procedures which will result on lower fees all the while gaining the level of assurance required by all relevant parties.