Private Companies

Do you own or run a small to mid-sized business, but don’t have a CFO on staff? Do you want to raise capital in order to grow your company? Do you want to be more profitable, but do not have the expertise on hand to analyze why you are not performing as you expect? Do you have debt or equity covenants requiring you to supply audited or reviewed statements? How about an exit strategy or succession planning, how will you be able to capitalize all your years of hard work? Don’t worry you aren’t alone, these are common questions that keep business owners up at night. Let us help you realize your dreams while focusing on what you do well and integrating our services into your strategic and financial planning process.

  • Prepare financial reports on a consistent basis (monthly, quarterly, annually) for management/ownership in order to assess your company’s performance.
  • Balance sheet, statement of operations, cash flow statement, other non-financial statistics
  • Prepare and provide supporting schedules, reconciliations, and other appropriate financial statement documentation for internal record keeping as well external audit support. Direct correspondence with external audit firm.
  • Allowing officers to focus on core operations, not compliance requirements
  • Effectively provide auditors with PCAOB Auditing Standard No. 3 Audit Documentation work-papers and other support which ultimately saves management time, money, and frustration.
  • Prepare financial projections or forecasts for either internal or external use
  • Create useful and meaningful budgets in order to meet strategic plans of the company
  • Present analysis of a new project or product line and the financial implications to investors or bankers in order to raise capital